Does anyone remember Steve and Bev on stage at Greenbelt or elsewhere?
  • Henk Kelder

    They were part of my life for a couple of years.
    It started when they came to play at a YfC summercampaigne here in the Netherlands and it ended somewhere in the early 80’s.

    In those years I was there when they were here. I watched them do several gigs in places like ‘Paard van Troje’ , ‘De Melkweg’ and ‘The Gigant’ and joining them backstage. In 1980 I saw them doing the ‘muscle culture’ at the Greenbelt festival in Odell I think it was.

    It was always unexpected to see them pray together before the actual concert.

    A friend of mine and I drove to Paris once to pick up a lorry they rented here after their own broke down. We met them near the Gare du North and I remember Bev making jokes about having visited Brest while pointing at her own to illustrate the joke.

    They came to visit me in my home town somewhere in 1979 or so. The girl nextdoor – now my wife – worked in the local dolfinarium and she got the whole band in for free to watch the show.

    I think I was #163, punter that is.

  • Peter Ward

    Greenbelt 1978 I think it was, in Fish Co. Punk had run its course in the mainstream which eant church bands such as Giantkiller and Bill Mason Band were doing that stuff, The headline after in Christian ‘Buzz’ was ‘Fish Co. get stick’ as they weren’t doing pure evangelism. If anything, songs like DUPER HEROES and NIGHT NURSE seemed quite the opposite to what most young Christians were having drummed into their impressionable minds.

    Then, if may dates are right, in 1980 and 1981 as Famous Names and Casual Tease respectively, and it may have been that final year when Steve and Bev were comperes for one night. They were quite masterful, providing ample entertainment when the main speakers bust.

  • Andy Loud

    Just found this website because I was thinking about my happy times as a student and googled them. I have fond memories of Bev and Steve from being a student at Weston Super mare Art college. I never had Steve as a teacher because I was into fashion rather than fine art but would join him and other students at break times in cafes and sometimes met them both at local events or friends houses. Although not a teacher, Bev was a huge influence on me as a young person. She was everything that I wanted to be. She was known for presenting a few things on HTV, the local TV station. She often helped out in the fashion department, I persuaded my teacher to get her to present the end of term fashion show.